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Petition regarding Guidelines on Censorship of Publications


We’d like to bring to your attention a petition currently before the Australian Government that seeks a review of the wording of the Guidelines on Censorship of Publications.


Images of women’s genitals that appear in magazines like Cosmo and Cleo (and in sealed sections and M rated pornography) need to comply with the Guidelines for Classification of Publications.


In practice this requires genital labia and clitoral hoods to be air-brushed in order to meet Guidelines with problematic terms such as “discreet genital detail”.


As a result, there are record-high insecurity and discomfort levels among young people about the appearance of their vulva. The rate of people seeking surgical labiaplasty, believing their vulva to be unattractive or abnormal is at record high levels.


Our Kink supports this petition, as we support any endeavour to promote a healthy, positive approach to sex and sexuality. We encourage everyone who reads this to read the petition, to sign it, and to pass the information on to friends and family where possible.


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