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After Dark Intimate Wipes were created by two good friends looking to introduce a novel and an exclusive product into the adult market which will cater to both males and females for all occasions intimate.

We wanted to create a VIP experience to cater to everyone, to provide convenience, comfort, reliability and easy access to not have to worry about those things that get in the way of living life to the fullest. So in many discussions over many wines, and many entertaining conversations about awkward and funny experiences, we knew we needed to create something different to the other brands currently out in the market.

By different we started with 100% Bamboo material, which gives you a little VIP experience, something that is lightly scented but leaves no scent when its dried (as we wanted this product to be discreet) and lets be honest who wants to smell like flowers, soap etc…… Not us and I’m sure a lot of the males and most females done want to either. By ensuring its Anti-bacterial this enables you to use it on yourself, your partner, clean your toys/chains/wipes etc knowing you are giving it a proper clean.Two sizes available – 26pc pack and 10 x individually wrapped boxed (travel packs) and very handy for handbags, wallets etc.

This is the product for a practical, Intelligence-Led Thinker,Savvy Socialiser & Sexually Active person!

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