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Mistress Artemisia de Vine

ProDomme Contact: Artemisia de Vine
Work Sydney NSW Work Phone: 0420415658 Website: Devine Kink Website: Switter
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Mistress Artemisia de Vine: Elegantly perverted lady making Domination an art form. Private, well-equipped dungeon near Sydney CBD. Classical BDSM scenes as well as domestic-style discipline, and in depth, ongoing D/s training programs. While BDSM can come in many flavours, from sensual to intense, nurturing to disdainfully sadistic… and while the lists of activities under the umbrella of BDSM is vast, what makes it all worthwhile is what happens inside us.

Independent and highly experienced, Mistress Artemisia is a specialist catering to those that sense there is something more.  She takes the time to map your unique kinky blueprint and find the overlap with Her own interests and desires, then designs scenes & ongoing journeys into self discovery.

Satisfying kink is about the places we go inside ourselves and with each other.

Domestic scenes or Dungeon
Goddess to be Worshipped
Occassional Switch
Twisted Aunt
Perverse Mummy
Lady of the Manor
Categories: Adult Services, BDSM, Interstate, Personal Services, Sex



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