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Work Lvl 1, 5 Kurnai Avenue Reservoir Victoria 3073 Australia Work Phone: 0421 696 610 Website: fantasyfair-adultplaywear.com
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ABs, DL, and Littles! Come play with us on the second SUNDAY of every month at Tender’n’Raw in Reservoir from12-4pm. Wear your rompers, put on your nappies, or dress in your bestest party outfit and join us for a range of activities, supplied just for YOU! Within a large, warm, and open space, you’ll find a range of activities include Art n Craft, Lego, Kinetic Sand, and a huge Painting Pen where babies and littles can draw all over walls!
The space also includes is a Chill-Out zone with movies and snuggly spots – the perfect place for a bottle, or a lil’ lie-down.

Price includes party lunch, bottle of water, and the chance to win a fantastic Door Prize. We also have a special gift for the best dressed little one of the day.

$30 (inc Teddy Bear Club membership)
Special discounts for return players.

10% off all purchases at our Club Shop.

Carers (Mummies, Daddies) are welcome to attend with their little ones.

For more information, phone Aunty EJ on 0421696610

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