Kink and Therapy

Let’s face it…

It can be hard for people practicing kink to find a therapist who is not only going to be accepting of our degree of participation in the lifestyle, but comfortable hearing about some of the things we explore, and how this activity works with our mental health. Many of us have sought help at one time or another but find ourselves unsure how much we can tell them, and fearful that potential disclosures could lead to judgement, or even the loss of that therapist. It’s part of the lingering stigma we deal with in this community.

Therapy isn’t cheap, but it’s an investment we make hoping for a great pay-off. It’s really important to invest in the right person for you. You don’t have to pay to be fearful of telling a traditional, straight, cis-male, full of Freudian wisdoms, about your love of masochism. In fact, there are therapies available that aren’t dependent on the tradition ‘talk’ methods eg. Art and/or Music Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT). Some of these options are great for the more creative beings the kink sub-culture attracts. Via our lifestyle and/or play we learn there’s much more to well-being than purely cognitive support – our kink interactions are often about our entire being.

As kinksters we work outside the box. If you’re looking for a therapist it’s okay to think beyond the ‘Clinical Psychology’ box. The sky will still be there if you try new things. It is important to keep things traditional in a financial sense, ie. Be practical about what you can afford. And stay practical and real about what ails you and how much day-to-day dysfunction this ailment accords. Whether you choose a traditional route or a more creative alternative, this person is working for YOU – do some research, have some chats, and find someone you want to work with.

We’d love to grow a trusted stable of therapists covering an array of modalities, so if you or someone you know would like to list with us, please contact to find out more.