Our Kink is Panel Discussions: Frisky Business Part One Podcast 13

On Wednesday, September 20th, Our Kink in partnership with Oz Kink Fest and Mistress Electra Amore, and sponsored by Lucrezia and De Sade, hosted a gathering of nine Pro-BDSM, Fetish, and Kink Workers to discuss their their experiences in the industry.

This forum Q & A, planned to be the first of many, is aimed at bringing healthy discussion to the table in an offline environment. In a world dominated by online communication and social media, we feel that one way to promote accountability in the kink community is to encourage face to face discussion, where the anonymity of the internet is stripped away.

In what’s been a traditionally underground industry, recent technology, pop-culture, and psychiatry have created some massive changes for the whole BDSM/Kink Community. In this fascinating Panel Q&A and Forum Event we opened the door and invited you in to join an exploration into the pro-BDSM, fetish and kink world, and discuss how these changes affect those who have careers within it.

We were pleasantly surprised and very pleased to be able to present a booked out event and those who attended were treated to an entertaining and engaging evening from our illustrious panel of pro-kink/BDSM experts as we look at some of their history and experiences in the industry, explored developments such as the evolution of pro-kink training and the lessons learned over time, discussed the impact of the internet, and much, much more.

Our very eclectic line-up includes professionals from a range of backgrounds, styles, and generations, including:

This special edition podcast presents the first part of that panel discussion, in which the participants talk about their introductions to the industry, their work/life balance, stage names vs real names, and what it’s like to go through airport security as a professional kink worker. We hope you enjoy part one of Frisky Business: Working in Kink.