Our Kink is Pet Play – Podcast 24

In this podcast MisKnickers and Mistress Jane are joined by kittens, Lola and KittenRose to further explore this soft and fluffy form of play, and examine some of the stigma surrounding it. Riding the momentum from their appearance on Triple J’s The Hook Up , the team discuss the realities of delving into this form of play. We explore what draws people to Petplay (as Owner/Handlers AND pets!) and offer some tips on how to start, where to make connections, and finding events that are friendly to Petplayers. Added to this, we look at some of the feedback from the Triple J audience and have just a bit of fun with it.

And don’t forget The Guild of Claws and Hooves Munch is on March 3rd, 6pm til late, The Scratching Parlour is open March 17th from 6-10pm, and March 18th is the Fundraiser extravaganza for girl ang. Tickets $15.00 ($10.00 for Our Kink Subscribers – see your email for the code).

IMPORTANT NOTE: As much as we’ve had our issues with the feedback from The J’s audience, it’s important we state it’s with their audience only. The production team we worked with for The Hook Up were fantastic – engaged, curious, supportive, and happy to work within our comfort zones. We have the utmost respect for the way they treated us, and for the finished product. We also appreciate the moderation that went into social media.

We thank them for the opportunity to contribute, and for their permission to use the video here.