Our Kink is Oz Kink Fest (Part 3) – Podcast Nine

In this week’s exploration of all things Oz Kink Fest we visit a Dennys in Orlando, Florida, where we find international kink educator, Oz Kink Fest Workshop presenter, and Frisky Business panel member Ignixia. Misknickers talks with Ignixia about her style of play, her many (and we mean MANY) roles in the kink community, what to expect from her workshops, and her dungeon kitty.

MisKnickers and Mistress Jane also catch up with author, publisher, Oz Kink Fest stallholder and volunteer, and Our Kink Sponsor KL Joy from La Bouche Books. They talk about the history of Oz Kink Fest, the importance of Fetish Expo, KL’s experiences and find out what she has planned for this year’s event!