Our Kink is the No Grey Negotiation App – Podcast 32

In this episode MisKnickers is joined by resident Our Kink button-pusher Loke, to discuss an incredible innovation in kink safety. We speak with special guest Elle, who is part of team developing a new app called No Grey. In what is more than likely a world first, No Grey aims to enhance the way we negotiate, and gives users the opportunity to lay out the framework and boundaries of each scene negotiation for all participants with ease.

We were really excited to learn more about No Grey, and Elle talked us through its features, as well as giving us some examples of how the app can be used, from sharing broad interests to begin a discussion to negotiating specifics of a scene, indicating our experience levels with different tools and types of play, through setting limits and goals to ensure participants understand their roles and responsibilities thoroughly.

We also delved into some background to understand better how the idea came about, why Elle thinks you should try the app, and what you can expect in terms of ease of use, accessibility, and security of the app.

Curious? So were we! Have a listen, and visit nogrey.club/ to learn more, and to download the app!