Our Kink Is Age Play – Podcast Five

In this episode, MisKnickers and Mistress Jane welcome back professional age player, kinkster, and little Marina Lee to discuss age play. We discuss what defines age play, its place in the kink community, and how prevailing attitudes shape our perception of what is and isn’t acceptable both within and beyond the world of kink and fetish.

The discussion begins, as it should, with an outline of what age play is, and the variety of roles that exist within the dynamic. We take a look at what the players actually get out of their kink and how the goal-setting exercises that often exist within age play can benefit other areas of the player’s life, and the place of age play within a broader range of D/s dynamics.

We devote time to the controversy that has typically surrounded the idea of age play, and in doing so try to break down some of the misconceptions that exist even within the kink community. We also tackle the issue of sexualisation of younger females in mainstream society and the part that plays in fuelling those misconceptions, as well as the gender imbalance that tends to arise as a result.

We ask Marina about the little side of her personal life and about how she developed the professional aspect of her age play, and don’t forget you can find out – if you so desire – how to engage her services as an age player.