Our Kink Is Wax Play – Podcast Six

In this episode, recorded during MisKnickers’ Birthday Party, Mistress Jane and The Knickered One play wax with a willing bunny. Mistress Jane provides colour commentary and questions as MisKnickers provides answers and applies the waxy artwork to bunny’s skin. We cover types of wax, methods of application, safety tips, and “artistic method” among other things. Oh … and we’ll be adding photos.

Also, a special guest joins us by phone from across the other side of the country for a VERY exciting announcement! Our Kink, in partnership with Oz Kink Fest and Mistress Electra Amore, will be presenting a panel discussion with audience Q & A as part of Oz Kink Fest on Wednesday, September 20th. Check our Events Calendar for more details, and listen as Mistress Electra explains her role in the event and her excitement to visit Melbourne and be a part of Oz Kink Fest!