Our Kink is Sex, Lies, and Men Bearing Clipboards – Podcast 31

This week we returned to one of our favourite haunts to spend some time with one of our favourite sponsors, the inimitable Wayne from Lucrezia & De Sade. Wayne is never short of a story or twelve and he doesn’t disappoint in this podcast, taking us on a winding, non-linear journey through the history of L&D, including a time when he had never dreamed of retailing kink and leather goods, and how all that changed in one night, thanks to a certain pop sensation.

Interest piqued? There’s more … latex nuns and reasonable men, a purple dungeon, duelling policemen, and some lessons on how to combat bureaucracy from left of centre. Oh, and there’s the sex, religion, and politics. Just listen. You may regret it if you don’t.