About Us

Our mission is to support and include all members of Melbourne’s kink community, whether they have been in the scene for what seems like forever, or are taking their first tentative steps. By providing a unique online communication hub for businesses to promote their goods and services, and for players to check-in on local events, Our Kink aims to be the first port of call for anyone interested in the Melbourne Kink Community. And this is the team to deliver…

MisKnickers is Our Kink’s podcast co-host and web content editor, and brings a plethora of kink and sex education experience to the table. MisKnickers is a Melbourne-based professional writer and educator, published in some of Australia’s major newspapers and magazines, and with scripts produced for both film and tv. Currently, she runs her own business concentrating on the topics that are truest to her heart – sex, erotica, porn and any kind of ethical smut.

MisKnickers gifts come from a unique blend of her formal training and experience as a University educator, and her own trial and error from many years of developing and hosting events and writing workshops. Always dedicated to celebrating sexuality through words, be it reading, listening, or digitally stimulating your laptop, it was just a matter of time before these gifts were lent to her very own podcast.

As someone who loves variety (identifying as a gender-fluid, pansexual, switch!) her passions are always changing, She specialises in enabling sexual self-expression, improving communication skills, and inspiring confidence. Our Kink is very privileged to have her on board as podcast co-host and major website content contributor.


Loke, with his passion for playing with sound and Web Design, is responsible for managing the technical aspects of Our Kink’s operations. With over 15 years experience in technical production, audio editing and imaging for commercial and community radio, Our Kink is truly in expert hands. Add to that Loke’s involvement in the kink communities of Denver, Colorado, and his home town Melbourne and you also have a human who sees his journey in kink as an ever-evolving education and a path to increased self-awareness and understanding.

Loke harbours very strong beliefs around the notion that community should be inclusive and support-oriented, and a desire to employ these beliefs in a positive role within Melbourne’s kink community. The Our Kink project has allowed him to realise these goals in a setting focused on providing information, education, and support and so he was very quick to offer his skills to the project as web designer and developer, and as audio producer for the podcast.

Loke’s ambition is to be part of a network that helps to connect students with teachers, enthusiasts with experts, readers with writers, people with products, and generally help to remind the people in Melbourne’s kink community how awesome they are.