Our Kink is Oz Kink Fest 2018 – Podcast 35

With Oz kink Fest only one sleep away, MisKnickers ventured into the heart of Brunswick to visit Q Space, an integral part of Oz Kink Fest 2018. Q Space will host workshops, exhibitions, events, and the Oz Kink Fest Launch Party. While the OKF crew were busy setting up for the week ahead, MisKnickers got some one-on-one time with Mz Mallice (Oz Kink Fest Creator and Organiser), Wayne Nicol (owner of Lucrezia & DeSade, Q Space major sponsor and long time OKF Collaborator), and Angela Biscotti (artist and curator of Oz Kink Fest Exhibition Sex on your Sleeve).

If you’re getting hyped for Oz Kink Fest 2018 and want to hear more about what to expect, events to look out for, and gain a unique insight into OKF from the perspective of its creators, sponsors, and participants, dive into this latest Our Kink podcast and get the goss!