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Business Subscribers



So you might be wondering exactly why it’s a good idea to join us as a paying subscriber. What difference does it make to the content you get? How do you feel the value? What does OurKink do with the money?

The general Our Kink membership model is based around the Community Radio ‘subscriber’ concept – anyone can access everything we provide (except for our custom-made, Subscriber-Only BONUS material) but by supporting financially you are in the running for a bunch of bonuses throughout the year. Some of the benefits our Subscribers get include ongoing discounts offered by some of our advertisers and sponsors, giveaways, BONUS podcast material, and discounts to any Our Kink event… (coming soon!) Plus Business Subscribers also get a listing in our Business Connections section. Aside from these tangible things, you’re also guaranteed to get some good feelz from knowing that you’ve made a valuable contribution to both our confidence, and our practical ability to make this venture something that Melbourne kinksters can truly call their own.

If you haven’t already, you can visit our registration page to subscribe or to upgrade your mailing list membership.